<rant> Listen, I get it. You don’t like kids. You don’t love them noising up your restaurants or your airplanes or your public spaces in general. You didn’t choose them, so why should they affect your life so loudly? I completely understand.

The thing is, I’m not wild about snarky adults with their deliberate eye rolls, exasperated sighs, and inflated internet opinions, but holy shit, for some reason society allows YOU in public.

The difference between you and my daughter is that she is a small human child who doesn’t know how to behave yet. I am trying to teach her to be courteous and careful and kind. I’m doing my best and it’s hard as shit. Experience is imperative while teaching so unfortunately for you, it doesn’t make sense to keep my toddler in hiding until she learns your rules.

Ya know, ‘cause that’s not how learning works.

Mind your manners, you assholes. </rant>